How to apply

To apply to one of the insurances provided by GPAFI, it is necessary:

  1. To apply for GPAFI membership (if already done proceed to step 2).

a. Fill in a GPAFI membership application form (mention, if necessary, family members under point 5 of the form)

b. If you are already a member but would like to subscribe for the members of your family who are not registered with GPAFI, please fill a GPAFI membership application form for each member (points 1 and 5).

c. Fill in an authorization for deduction from salary (only for UNOG, UNHCR, ITU, UNDP, WIPO, UNON, UNOPS, UNITAR staff members holding a fix-term or permanent contract). If a deduction from the salary is not possible and if you have an account in Switzerland, please complete a direct debit authorization (LSV). For any other situation, please contact GPAFI.

d. Send the above documents together with:

-A readable copy of your national passport (for each applicant)

- A readable copy of your legitimation card if you are stationed in Switzerland 

- Your personal action form (employee details form)

- Bank account information or a statement of account showing your complete bank account information

2. To apply for an insurance coverage:

a. Fill in a membership application form for the requested insurance and for each person to be insured (see under Forms).

b. Depending on the requested insurance other documents may be requested (payslip, sick leave declaration, health questionnaire). These are listed on the application forms.

All documents must be sent to GPAFI by email or by internal mail.