Complementary health insurance WHO-ILO

The staff health insurances of international organizations don’t reimburse wholly the expenses arising from sickness, accident or maternity.

Most benefits are limited to 80% for out-patient benefits (doctors’ fees, prescribed medicines, laboratory analyses and tests, etc.) and the expenses for accommodation in case of hospitalization have a ceiling. Besides alternative medicine is generally not reimbursed.

In order to extend the healthcare coverage of the international civil servants and their family members, GPAFI provides a complementary health insurance adapted to the benefits of the different basic schemes (WHO-ILO).

Key Points :

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Free choice of the healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, private clinics)
  • 100% coverage for medical and pharmaceutical expenses
  • 100% coverage for accommodation in a private room, in case of hospitalization
  • Reimbursement of alternative medicine
  • Short reimbursement period
  • Quick and easy claim procedure
  • Online access to reimbursement advice
  • Management team dedicated to GPAFI's members

Detailed information can be found under the heading Documentation.