To apply for admission to the complementary health insurance, you must:

  1. Fill in a GPAFI Application for admission (if you are already a member, proceed to step 2).
    - Mention, if necessary, family members under point 5 of the form.
    - Join an Authorization for deduction from salary (only UNOG, UNHCR, UNDP and UNON staff members) or a Debit authorization (LSV).
  2. Fill in a UNIQA Application for admission - Complementary health insurance UN.
    - Fill in one form for each person to be insured.
    - Join a copy of a valid identity document (ID, Passport or Legitimation card) for each person to be insured.
    - Join a copy of the account information (showing the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT codes, and the name of the account holder).
  3. Send the original forms to GPAFI by post or by internal mail.

Contact the 24/7 Assistance operations center whose phone number is on your UNIQA - GPAFI insurance card or on the information notice you received upon subscription.

If you are not able to call, your colleague, family or any relative may contact the call center on your behalf.

You can get medical advice, medical transportation to a hospital on-site, medical evacuation or repatriation, delivery of medication not available on-site or dispatching of a doctor on-site.

Also, if an outpatient treatment or a hospitalization is required, UNIQA Assistance guarantees payment, 24/7 all around the world, and covers 100% of the medical costs directly with the healthcare provider or the hospital facility.

So you don't need to pay yourself the medical costs nor to submit the bill afterwards to your basic insurance and your complementary insurance. UNIQA Assistance handles everything.

Click the following link to see the procediure: how to claim

If the duration of your temporary appointment is less than three months, you can’t apply for complementary health insurance.

If the duration of your temporary appointment is three months or more, you can apply for complementary health insurance provided that you are covered under the Main plan (and no longer under the Temporary plan) of the UN Staff Mutual Insurance Society (UNSMIS).

If your coverage under the Main plan of the UN Staff Mutual Insurance Society terminated because of termination of your contract, you are no longer entitled to benefits from the complementary health insurance. It is your responsibility to inform GPAFI of the termination of your basic insurance.

As long as you are insured by the UN Staff Mutual Insurance, as dependent of your father, you may apply for complementary health insurance.

Children can be insured only if one of both parents is affiliated.

We attract your attention to the maternity benefits. As dependent, beyond 21, maternity costs are excluded from the benefits of the UN Staff Mutual Insurance and consequently from the benefits of the complementary health insurance.

You can apply for complementary health insurance. However, as you are pregnant, the costs of your maternity will not be reimbursed.

Otherwise, any pregnancy starting within 12 months from the date of the affiliation is not covered (waiting period).

Nothing or next to nothing! You keep of course your insurance coverage under the same conditions.

Only the mean of payment may eventually change, in particular if there was a deduction on your salary.

We recommend you to go by our office in order to modify eventually the mean of payment and to verify the personal information in our possession (address, bank account number, etc.).

Yes, you must cancel your loss of salary insurance which covers active staff members when they have exhausted their sick leave on full salary.

The cancellation must be in writing for the end of a month, with a notice of one month.

However, we recommend not to cancel prematurely. Indeed it would be regrettable to lose your right to benefits a few months before your retirement. We advise you to check your entitlement to sick leave on full salary or to consult us.

The age limit to apply for admission is set at the month of the 65th birthday, so you can apply for complementary health insurance before retiring.

Retired international civil servant are not eligible for complementary insurance.

In the event of a ski accident, the airline transport of the injured (plane, helicopter) is covered without reimbursement limit; if search operations to locate or to rescue the injured are necessary, they are supported up to CHF 20’000.- per insured person.

Yes. Zurich Insurance Company is not only going to intervene but she also can be you of a very big utility.

Given that there is a third party legally liable, according to the Rules of the UN Staff Mutual Insurance Society you will have to take all necessary steps to secure compensation from the responsible driver or from his/her insurer.

These procedures can sometimes turn out long and expensive, because they require that the responsibilty of the third party is clearly established. In certain cases, it will be necessary to have witnesses, police report or even to take a lawyer. Things can still be further complicated if the driver is insured abroad, or if he is driving without insurance or driving license.

If you benefit from this insurance coverage, Zurich Insurance Company will not only reimburse you 100% of the expenses for unlimited treatment during the 5 years which follow the accident, but she will also take care to turn against the third party responsible for the accident or against her insurer.