Complementary health insurance UN

The UN Staff Mutual Insurance Society (UNSMIS) don’t reimburse wholly the expenses arising from sickness, accident or maternity.

Most out-patient treatments (doctors’ fees, prescribed medicines, laboratory analyses and tests, etc.) are reimbursed at 80% and the expenses for hospitalization are reimbursed at 90% in a semi-private room. Besides alternative medicine is not reimbursed.

In order to extend the healthcare coverage of the international civil servants and their family members, GPAFI provides a complementary health insurance adapted to the benefits of the UN Staff Mutual Insurance Society (UNSMIS).

Key Points :

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Free choice of the healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, private clinics)
  • 100% coverage for medical and pharmaceutical expenses
  • 100% coverage for accommodation in a private room, in case of hospitalization
  • Reimbursement of alternative medicine
  • Short reimbursement period
  • Quick and easy claim procedure
  • Online access to reimbursement advice
  • Management team dedicated to GPAFI's members

PREMIUM version

The complementary health insurance UN is also available in a PREMIUM version that includes assistance benefits during a stay abroad.

Besides medical, travel and security assistance, PREMIUM offers a significant advantage for GPAFI members who benefit from the complementary health insurance that no other assistance company is able to offer.

Indeed, if during a stay abroad an outpatient treatment or a hospitalization is required, UNIQA Assistance guarantees payment, 24/7 all around the world, and covers 100% of the medical costs directly with the healthcare provider or the hospital facility.

So the insured don't need to pay himself the medical costs nor to submit the bill afterwards to his basic insurance and his complementary insurance. UNIQA Assistance handles everything, unlike other assistance providers who only make advance for medical costs, limited and refundable, and who don't transmit bills to insurances.

Detailed information can be found under the heading Assistance and Documentation.