UNIQA Assistance (PREMIUM version)

The UNIQA complementary health insurance (for persons insured by UNSMIS) is available in a PREMIUM version that includes EMERGENCY assistance services during a stay abroad, in addition to the coverage of health expenses.

A 360° solution

The widest cover in the market, without geographical exclusions or franchise.

An all-inclusive solution

Everything is covered under the policy. UNIQA Assistance insures whatever may happen during the trip: hospitalization abroad, repatriation on medical ground, emergency evacuation following a sensitive security situation or natural disaster, baggage insurance, cancellation costs prior to departure in the event of illness or a crisis situation at the destination.

A tailor-made solution

If during a stay abroad an outpatient treatment or a hospitalization is required, UNIQA Assistance guarantees payment, 24/7 all around the world, and covers 100% of the medical costs directly with the healthcare provider or the hospital facility. So the insured don't need to pay himself the medical costs nor to submit the bill afterwards to his basic insurance and his complementary insurance. UNIQA Assistance handles everything, unlike other assistance providers who only make advance for medical costs, limited and refundable, and who don't transmit bills to insurances.

A comfortable solution

Referral to centres of medical excellence, request for a second medical opinion, unlimited access to a concierge service to organise help at any time.

A solution at your fingertips

In a few clicks from a computer, a Smartphone or a tablet, the GardaWorld Travel Security Portal will give real-time information about the country of destination: medical and security alerts and recommendations. Possibility to locate a preferred doctor, dentist or pharmacy around the place of residence or to find all sorts of other useful information (weather forecast, transport, embassy, etc.).

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