2012/1 - UN Special - March 2012

UN Special - March 2012 : See page 31 - GPAFI: cap sur le "care"

2011/4 - UN Special - September 2011

UN Special - July/August 2011: L'association des fonctionnaires internationaux pour les assurances santé et complémentaires

2011/1 - A complementary health insurance tailored to the basic scheme of international civil servants

GPAFI now providing a complementary health insurance to the international civil servants and the members of their families tailored to their basic insurance.

There are different health insurance schemes within the UN system, especially those of the UN, the ILO-ITU and the WHO.

In partnership with UNIQA Assurances SA Geneva, which manages from a long time the health insurance of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), GPAFI provides a complementary health insurance which benefits are adapted to those of the basic scheme.

The complementary health insurance allows covering at 100% the medical and pharmaceutical expenses as well as the expenses of hospitalization in private room.

Besides additional guarantees in optical and dental, this insurance covers the expenses of alternative medicine which are not covered by the basic insurance.

Detailed information on this insurance coverage is under the section Documentation.

2010/3 - UN Special - December 2010

UN Special December 2010: The complementary health insurance 100%

2010/2 - UN Special - November 2010

UN Special - November 2010: La complémentaire santé 100%